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Discover the power of the Cosmos, where the Heavens meets the earth, as you journey into the realms of inner space

WBV assists you in activating the Magic and Genius that lies with YOU!

Witchcrafted By Vida is a continuous alchemical flow of energy, that goes beyond this space-time continuum. Bringing the esoteric into the exoteric. Our supernatural tools are alive and charged with the secrets of the Cosmos. Our Divine offerings are hand-batched in England with love, respect, spirit, intuition and intention.

WBV is not a Wellnesss Brand. WBV is not a brand at all and Wellness can not be bought, nor can it be sold. WBV has it's own Philosophy that Flows and grows as we do. That Philosophy is centred around You. YOUDOO! In time You will be your own practitioner as you go deeper into your Well. The knowledge you find in the depths of You will aid and transform You.When you fully start to engage in the True Spirit that is YOU things will start to simplify as you start to attract all that you need to reach your highest potential on this plane. Remember 'Nothing that is meant for YOU will ever pass you by.' Nothing! 


Your WELL (Plentiful source within ) is your Sacred Key to YOU and your NESS (Headland - corporeal without).

How you connect and integrate your Source within your Physical being will ultimately define your Whole state of being - Your Wellness.

YOU are the Well in your Ness! 

As you harness that energy you will in Time ascend towards  your HighNess the final stage of your alchemical journey. 


Stones were the first deities. Stones were the first medicine. They are the Immortals that surround us. The great teachers that hold the Akashic Records of all time. They are actively engaged in Protecting and healing on this planet.

They too have a Spirit just as we do.

Stones may appear to embody silence but once you start to explore their realm and decipher their tongue, you quickly realise that they too speak for themselves. Like humans, they are an antenna, receiving and transmitting energy and  information. When engaging with the Spirits that are Stones, it is important that you are mindful as you would be when handling any medicine.


Everything in the natural world emits a frequency...Even that which we think of as inanimate, is vibrating and energetically alive with its own frequency and energy. WBV is invested in the natural world and the different frequencies it has to offer that can aid Mankind energetically. We regard all raw materials we work with as a living Spirits each having its own language and function. When you stop and engage with the Spirits directly great insight can be gained  into the gifts they bring.

Many Cultures still work traditionally within the natural realm, we find many returning back to the Source and the craft as they realise the systems we have set up are not sustainable. We do not work within one field of tradition, we have a syncretic approach avoiding dogma, respecting, honouring and learning from all traditions and Cultures, harnessing  effective ways that can be integrated  to create unique tools that can  be used simply in daily life.

The Power, The Poetry, The Beauty, The Resonance and The Magic of the Natural Realm is there for everyone. Spirit Medicine belongs to All.

We work primarily with Stones, Botanical Herbal Healers, Oils and Essences which we combine with organic natural raw materials to create our Metaphysical tools.

We hope that you enjoy the gifts that we have Divined for YOU!



Witch is The Alma Mater, The Source 

the key to all.

Witch is everything and nothing.

Witch is the chaos from Witch all was created.

When we embody Witch, we embody the soul of this Earth.

We embody the eternal well of knowledge.

We embody our true selves

Witch is our goddess given rights!

When we tap into the spirit energy that is Witch, we can call in everything that we need to be fully activated on this plane…Start enchanting your World today. Follow your Heart...The Heart will always intuit Witchway to go.....

May Goddess speed you!

Witchcrafting is Wishcrafting! 

Be sure to keep your intentions clear.

Do not harm nor interfere with the free will of another.

Your wish is your command!

This is YOUDOO! It's Powerful, It's Beautiful, it is YOU! 

Becoming Witch  CLICK HERE  to listen!


Here at Witchcrafted By Vida, the Hand and The Heart are most important. The Magic is in the hand and in the hour. We Craft within the Power of the Hours and Luna cycles, best-suited for the function of the tool.

We hand-batch in quantities of 100, so if we are out of stock we will batch again as soon as possible when the conditions are favourable...We aim to obtain the best quality raw materials so that we can offer YOU the most Beautiful Divine sacred tools.

When divining, all of our raw materials are cleansed and blessed. The Vibration of The Heart is paramount, without it's activation there is nothing… Remember the Heart's importance in what ever you do. As we have become industrialised, man has moved away from this vital organ reliant on his Head as his guide, as a result we have lost our way. Today we are living the consequences of this travesty. This is not the way of the Craft. 'You can’t Half Witch it!' It's time to know Witch Way to go! When you truly start to activate the WELL in your NESS only then will you understand that Wellness can be neither bought nor sold. It's in your hands!


WBV has activated B.U.M. A Clarity not a Charity. B.U.M. (BEAUTIFUL UNIVERSE MANIFEST), is a global manifestation program. Where energy is put directly into the hands of those who need it. Through this program, anyone can gift anonymously anything from our range of tools to a stranger who has joined the the Random Acts of kindness list (RAK). In these times that is all Time. Random Acts of kindness are much needed to counter the Random Acts of Madness that prevail.  If you are in need of a tool and can't afford to buy the tool that you need drop us an email and we will add you to the list. Those who feel they are in a position to gift anonymously send us an email saying that you would like to add a RAK gift to your order.


Vida x


LISTEN HERE - to the real Herstory of Art where She encounters He…

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