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Introducing one of the greatest living Rock Stars on Earth.

‘Elite Shungite’.

One of the noblest rock stars on earth. An extraordinary spirit. 


There is no other substance like Elite Shungite. On Earth it is found in Karelia Russia, composed of an allotropic form of carbon which is not found anywhere else in nature.

It is this unique make-up that makes Elite Shungite ideal for water filtration. It has the ability to kill pathogenic bacteria, remove pesticides and absorb various organic and inorganic substances and heavy metals from water. It also has the power to absorb negativity from the environment making it an elite protector.


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    Elite Shungite contains the highest concentration of fullerenes & also contains approximately 98% carbon. Fullerenes are what make Shungite different to other stones & crystals. Inside the body, fullerenes fight free radicals, behaving as a powerful and long-lasting antioxidant.

    Submerge Shungite in boiling water for 10 minutes to sterilize, and thoroughly rinse. Place well-rinsed Shungite in a 2L glass or ceramic container (not plastic or metal). Add 30 grams of Shungite to every 1L of water. Let it rest for 6 hours. Shungite can be used indefinitely. Cleanse in running water, once a month and leave to dry naturally before using again to purify water.


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